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Buy tactile educational products and maps

Buy 3D educational material for the blind directly from our 3D printing workshop.

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… or order from an alternative service

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Accessibility Services

We can make your museum or gallery more accessible by using 3D printing. Contact us to find more.

Our project is proudly supported by the Angelopoulos CGIU Fellowship


Our goal in Feelform is to stop the exclusion of the visually impaired from public space and provide the means for equality in education.
We design and 3D print innovative products for the blind

The need for our project comes in order to solve the issues mentioned below:

• Blind people, especially in schools do not have access to adequate, low cost and quality education material.
• The visually impaired don’t know how their neighborhood, city, transportation system looks like impeding their mobility decisions.
•The market cannot provide a solution because the current production techniques lead to products that are expensive, not available and/or not specific for the exact educational need.

Our products:

• 3D printed and thermoformed tactile educational material such as historical maps, geographical maps, copy of famous art (statues and paintings), architecture, astronomy and tactile children books.
• Customized 3D printed tactile maps of city and public transportation
• Accessibility services for museums and galleries by scanning, 3D printing of tactile representation of statues, paintings, museum maps and labeling.

our team


Founder and Project Director
In charge of 3D designing, 3D printing and delivering the 3D printed products to the blind. He is a Mechanical Engineer (M.Sc.En.) acquired from the University of Western Macedonia.


Cofounder – Sales and Marketing
In charge of sales and marketing of the products. Managing relations with organizations for the blind. He has acquired a Bachelor in Management from the University of Macedonia.

Ery Asmini

Special Educator – Advisor
Making sure that our products meet international specification for the blind. She has acquired a bachelor in education from the University of Athens. She is currently studying to acquire a master in Science Teaching Didactics by the Aristotle University.

Charalambos Dosios

Production Engineer
In charge of maintenance and taking care of the technology risk associated with production. He holds a Master degree in Mechanical engineering from the University of Western Madedonia. He is currently studying towards an MBA from the University of Macedonia.

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